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Ride It, My Pony: Royal Bastards MC

Pony Boy
Everyone has a past. Mine was the standard American dream. I grew up on the right side of town, had the right set of parents, went to all the right schools, and even got one of those fancy degrees. My life was meaningless until I started riding. It was then I found my calling and became a Royal Bastard. I was content to bang a new girl every night and be the playboy. Then I am forced to protect Brooke and somewhere along the way the lines turn blurry. The life I told myself I did not want suddenly became the life I crave.

They say when you grow up with the perfect childhood your life turns to crap at some point. I happen to agree with this statement. I was just minding my own business and working my way through the chains in the ER when all of that came crashing down. When the life I thought was perfect, was turned upside down and everything I thought I knew was a lie. Now my life is in danger, and it is up to a local MC to keep me safe. Now I have a bodyguard that I hate but at the same time he makes me want to ride it. His pony, I mean his Harley.

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