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Damaged Kristine Dugger Ebook.jpg


My life. Where to start? I’m determined, athletic, stubborn as hell, intelligent and focused on the game. There isn’t a day that goes by that doesn’t include softball, my family and friends.

I have had it all in my 25 years, fame, love, partying, you name it - I have probably experienced it. However, the one thing I wish I never did experience was heartbreak. I was ruined in all ways. Damaged in such a way, where I thought I would never be the same girl I was before.

All until HE showed up in my life, turning everything upside down. Now, I need to decide if I will hit it foul or out of the park.

Who knows what will happen?

All I know, is that this pitch will either make or break me - leaving me completely broken and damaged.

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