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Restore Your Faith: Mayhem Makers Iron Travelers MC


As a single mom, getting a night on the town is unexpected. Much less a weekend. When an opportunity arises to go to a signing in Texas, I cannot help but jump at it. Between being a mom, author, and running my life coaching business, I never get the time to embrace the wild side of me. If you would’ve told me the weekend that was supposed to be dedicated to my readers and writing about bikers would include my own personal biker to swoon over. I would’ve called you a liar.


Growing up without a family really messed with my head. When I joined the Iron Travelers MC I thought I had found my family. However, something is missing and I cannot put my finger on it. While at an author signing, I meet a woman that makes me feel. She makes me see another side of myself I never knew I had. Will she be the one to restore my faith and family?

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