This was her first book?!? Wow! Amazing! This was truly well written, well thought out story. I fell in love with the characters and the plot. I'm a sucker for HEA too! I highly recommend this sports Romance book!

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Page turner! I honestly couldn't put it down! I wasn't sure what to expect from this first time author. But this one didn't disappoint. She is talented, and I can't wait for more books from Kris!

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There's a great description of the characters feelings/emotions. You get the great high when the characters are together and know that they are truly happy and then of course the bubble burst and you get the sadness from past and current events. Another great story, love the conversations between main characters. They're like the friends next door.

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I was pulled in from the beginning and finished this book in one sitting. Paige and Leo were hot and had amazing chemistry. As much as I wanted to love both characters I really didn't like Paige she drove me nuts the entire book. However, Leo, I fell in love with!! He is hot,alpha and completely sweet and I wanted more of him! I try to give nothing away in my reviews but this ending made me angry I need the next book ASAP, I hate cliffhangers!! I hope some of the secondary characters get books too.Overall I really enjoyed this book and would recommend reading it!!

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Is the Doctor in?
Holy smokes do I need one.

Kristine Dugger does not disappoint. She left us all screaming WHAT at the end of Flatline and she brings it all around to a final conclusion in Pulse. Pulse is another emotion packed book full of Angst, Anger, Romance, Tears, Laughs and lots of hot sexy time. There were times I wanted to smack Leo but I get where he was coming from but still he needs a smack upside his head. Paige too wasn’t so innocent. She made a choice which ultimately she regretted but she has to deal with those consequences.

Reading Flatline first is a definite must then head over to grab Pulse to fall in love with Leo and Paige.

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